I. TV/Film Industry… Lights… Camera… Action

  • How do I start?
  • Finding Your niche
  • Do the work

II. The Author’s Workshop

  • Publishing versus Self-Publishing
  • Developing a Concept
  • Committing to the Development
  • Maintaining Your Creative
  • Utilizing Resources – Trademark and Copyright Laws

III. Entrepreneurship and Branding

  • Mission Statement
  • Finding Your niche
  • Target Audience
  • What Makes You Different?
  • The Impact of Branding
  • The Importance of Relationships and Networking

IV. Females on Fire – “ignite the purpose within”

  • Obstacles and Opportunities for Minorities
  • Perseverance
  • Establishing a Level of Respect Immediately
  • Capitalizing on Your Characteristics
  • Using Personal Attributes to Empower Yourself
  • Letting Go of Aggression
  • The Balance
  • How Women Treat Each Other
  • Crabs in a Barrel
  • Embracing and Partnering in Business
  • Fear of the “Other Woman”
  • Brains versus Beauty